तेनालीरामा और फूलदान
तेनालीरामा और फूलदान

The story of Tenali Rama and the Flower Pots teaches us the lessons of patience, wisdom, and maintaining a calm mind in our lives. The annual festival of the Vijay Nagar kingdom was celebrated with great pomp and show. Kings from neighboring states would bring valuable gifts for the Maharaja. Among the gifts, the Maharaja particularly liked four beautifully colored flower pots. He placed them in his guest room and assigned a servant, Ramaiya, to take care of them. Ramaiya was instructed that if any harm came to the flower pots, he would have to face dire consequences, even to the extent of losing his life.

One day, while cleaning the flower pots with utmost care, one pot slipped from Ramaiya’s hands and crashed onto the ground, breaking into pieces. As soon as the Maharaja learned of this, he ordered Ramaiya to be hanged in three days. Despite Tenali Rama’s intervention, the Maharaja, in his anger, did not reconsider the decision. When the Maharaja remained adamant, Tenali Rama went to Ramaiya and said, “Do not worry. Listen carefully to what I say, and do exactly as I instruct. I assure you that nothing will happen to you.”

The day of the hanging arrived, and the Maharaja was present. Before the execution, Ramaiya was asked for his last wish. He replied, “I wish to see the remaining three flower pots once more. Due to this, I am being sentenced to the gallows.” Following Ramaiya’s last wish, the Maharaja ordered the pots to be brought.

As soon as the flower pots were placed in front of Ramaiya, he followed Tenali Rama’s advice and deliberately dropped and shattered all three pots on the ground. Outraged, the Maharaja exclaimed, “What have you done? Why did you break them?” Ramaiya calmly responded, “Maharaja, today, one flower pot broke, and I am being hanged. Similarly, when the other three break, three more lives will be lost. I saved three lives by breaking these pots, as nothing is more precious than human lives.”

Ramaiya’s words struck a chord with the Maharaja, and his anger subsided. He realized the folly of making decisions in anger. He questioned Tenali Rama about the source of the advice, and Tenali Rama truthfully revealed everything. The Maharaja, grateful for saving an innocent life and teaching a valuable lesson, thanked Tenali Rama sincerely.