खोया हुआ दानव

How do you start writing a children’s story ?

To start a children’s story, find your theme, a simple message that sparks a dream. Create characters that children will love, with conflict and resolution at the core. Then, weave it together, leaving room for more.

The lost Demon is a tale of Compassion and Ingenuity. Once upon a time, in a quaint little village nestled amidst rolling green fields, there lived two inseparable companions, Smarty Keshu and Tom. Their friendship was very sturdy and they spent each day together, exploring every nook and cranny of their beloved village.

One lovely evening, when the setting sun painted the sky in golden hues, Smarty Keshu and Tom were having fun in the village field, their laugh thter echoing in the gentle breeze. They were accompanied by their faithful canine companion Silky, a white furry dog.Silky was more than just a pet.He was a cherished member of their little trio, his playful antics adding joy to every moment they spent together.

His favorite pastime was Chasing after a ball with unmatched enthusiasm and his tail wagging in sheer delight.As the evening drew closer and the shadows grew longer, it was time to say goodbye to the field and return home. Both the kids and their pet were having a great time. With a mischievous smile, Smarty Keshu threw the ball one last time, urging Silky to fetch it. But fate had something else in store, as the ball flew faster than ever and landed behind the thick bushes at the edge of the field, Silky too running behind the bushes with great enthusiasm to catch the ball.

When Silky did not return even after waiting for some time, the two friends decided to go behind the dense bushes to look for him. There was no trace of the cute dog. Smarty Keshu and Tom became worried about returning home and the whereabouts of Silky. Both children called out for Silky, but he was nowhere to be found.

Determined, they ventured further, stumbling upon an old palace shrouded in silence and dim light. Calling for Silky, they were startled by the creak of a door. A small demon appeared there. Seeing both the boys, he said, “Are you looking for that little dog? Run away, now you will never find him. He has made me uncomfortable by barking and I have punished him.” He angrily pointed both the friends towards a corner of the room. There was a metal statue of a dog. Tom asked, “Did you make convert him in a meta statue ?” The little monster nodded smilingly. Tom became more scared seeing this. He held Keshu’s hand and signaled him to leave from there and said, “Run, otherwise he might turn us into statues too.” Keshu was not scared even after seeing condition of his dog.

He saw that the little monster’s wing was broken and blood was oozing from there. Noticing the monster’s difficulty in movement. Keshu said “I can see you’re struggling to walk and You seem distressed. How can I help you?”The smile on the demon’s face disappeared and he angrily said to Keshu “Are you not scared? I think you also need a lesson. Keshu again fearlessly said “You can teach me a lesson but before that I would like to help you”. The demon was surprised to see the child’s fearlessness and kindness. When the demonic power cannot control us then it surrenders.

He immediately said I have lost my way and want to go home but my wing is broken.He told that he cannot cross the river even by swimming. He has to find a way to cross it. He said “I saw some people floating on a pointed object and made a similar structure, but it sinks.’ Keshu said, “That is called a boat.” The little demon said in anger, “You can call it anything but they have drowned.” Saying this, he showed both the friends, two small boats lying in the back of the palace which were sunk on the shore.

Seeing those boats, smarty Keshu burst out laughing and said “Oh dear, your boat is also made of Metal, it’s gold and silver. A small child of our village can tell that only light object can float on water.” Tom also became normal now and smilingly pointed towards a wooden log. The little demon used magic on the log and the next moment the wooden boat was ready and started floating on the water.

The little demon jumped with joy. He was sure that he could now go home. He hugged both his new friends lovingly and instantly transformed Silky back into her original form. While saying goodbye, he gifted the sunken gold and silver boats to both his new friends. the children returned home safely, learning that kindness and creativity can overcome obstacles.

Moral of the story – Wooden things tend to float because wood is less dense than water, providing buoyancy. Silver, and gold ,on the other hand, is much denser than water, causing the boat to sink.