Stories for kids, Akbar and Birbal’s stories are very interesting. Birbal was a very intelligent and quick-witted person and due to this quality most people liked him but some people also hated his popularity. Those who hated Birbal decided to get rid of him forever. Birbal’s enemies persuaded the barber of King Akbar for this job. The barber was not ready at first but when they lured him with diamonds and pearls, he agreed. The next morning the barber reached the palace to shave King Akbar. He said to the King quietly , ” Your Majesty, you never think about your deceased ancestors.” The barber became silent after saying this but The King’s interest increased and he said, “Even after thinking a bit, I cannot do anything, they are no longer alive.”

The barber’s courage now increased. He said, “Your Majesty, your ancestors are in heaven. We can send someone there to know their condition.” ‘Can this be done?’ The king’s face lit up with joy. He liked the barber’s advice very much. He said, “But how can someone be sent to heaven?”

While cutting hair, the barber said, “This is a very easy task, Sir. If a pyre is prepared in an open place and an intelligent person is made to sit on it then he will reach heaven directly with the flames of the pyre.” The king also liked this plan of the barber but the very next moment he asked, “The plan is fine, who will be ready to go this way? “The barber suggested, “Your Majesty Birbal is the smartest and most intelligent person in the kingdom. No one can be more eligible than him for this task.”

Now the king became serious because he had understood that there was a plan to kill Birbal but still he remained naive and said, “Very good ! yes, Birbal will be the right person for this.” The barber left after cutting the hair. King Akbar announced this plan in the court. After this, looking at Birbal, he said, “Birbal, now you go to heaven and after returning from there, tell us what our ancestors needed ? Birbal said, “Sir, where did this idea come to your mind?” “This idea is of our barber’s mind. He suggested this idea to me.” He said.

” Birbal understood the meaning of the king’s words very well and decided that he has to teach that barber a lesson. Thinking this, Birbal said, “My Lord, you considered me worthy of this, thank you”. I am ready to go on a journey to heaven and please give me some time so that I can arrange for the necessary things for my family.” Emperor Akbar gave Birbal some time and also issued orders to prepare the funeral pyre.

Meanwhile, Birbal went to the place of the pyre and started digging a tunnel from the pyre to his house. The time came for Birbal to sit on the pyre. All the people of the city gathered.

Birbal sat among the logs and the pyre burned with smoke. Those who loved Birbal were shedding tears and those who hated him were happy. The clever Birbal reached his home through the tunnel.

The royal barber was given a lot of money by the enemies to conspire to kill Birbal But now his troubles were about to begin.

After 2 months, one day Birbal suddenly reached the court of King Akbar. Both his well-wishers and enemies were surprised that how a dead person became alive again?

Birbal bowed his head in front of the king and prostrated himself before him and said, “My lord, I am coming straight from heaven. Heaven is a wonderful place. There are beautiful palaces, magnificent forests and many kinds of beautiful creatures. It is also very peaceful but there’s just one thing missing. Tell me Birbal, we will try to send everything they need.” The king stood up from the throne saying this. Birbal said, “Your Majesty, there is no good barber there. Your ancestors have said that a good barber should be sent there immediately. we all know the way to reach heaven now. It’s not difficult for us to send anyone there.” Emperor Akbar said, “Yes. What you are saying is right, but which barber should be sent here?”Birbal immediately said, “Is there anything to ask in this? Your royal barber will go there. Who can be better than him ? your Majesty”.Okay Birbal, we will send the royal barber to heaven.”

The King Akbar ordered the royal barber to go to heaven. The barber had to pay the price for supporting the conspirators and he was going to die a painful death. On hearing Akbar’s order, he shouted loudly, “No one can go to heaven without dying. I had conspired to kill Birbal on the temptation of evil ministers.” Saying this, he revealed the names of all the conspirators in the court. The king sentenced everyone to jail and was pleased with Birbal’s intelligence.