This story is one of my famous kids stories.”Trust brothers not others” is a story. One day a wolf was passing through a village. He saw a crowd of people near the village market. The wolf saw there two Male goats were fighting with each other. Both the goats were very strong and there was a fierce fight between them. All the people were shouting loudly and clapping.This was not a serious fight. Both the goat brothers used to entertain the villagers. They were quite famous in the village. The villagers used to let them graze in their fields.

The wolf started keeping an eye on them for hunting. On finding the opportunity he attacked both of them in fields. The goats were very strong. They beat up the wolf badly. The wolf ran in to forest.

After a few days the wolf recovered. He wanted to take revenge for his defeat at the hands of the goats.he made a plan. He again went to the fields to meet the goats and greeted them in a friendly manner. The goats also did not consider the defeated wolf as a threat. Both the goats and the wolf used to play in the fields for several hours a day and became friends. One day when both the goats were walking in the field and were some distance away, the wolf said to the elder goat “Younger Goat is not walking with us, he eats grass far away from us, it seems he gets good grass.” The elder goat agreed with the wolf and got angry with the younger goat and increased the distance.Next day The wolf went to the younger goat and told him “the elder one eats grass by staying far away from us these days, I think he knows the good grass which he wants to eat alone. on hearing this the younger goat also got angry” increasing the distance he changed the field.In this way both the goats got separated and their minds were filled with anger towards each other. Both of them stopped talking to each other and started to graze separately .

This was exactly the situation that the wolf wanted. The next day the wolf attacked the younger goat and killed it by digging his teeth into its neck. when the elder goat did not see the younger for a few days, he asked the wolf about his brother. The wolf ignored his questions. The elder goat went searching for his brother and reached the field where the wolf had killed and hidden younger. Only bones and some flesh were left . Seeing this the goat got angry. He understood that the wolf had done all this to his brother and he would be next.

He quietly went to his home. The next day,he again met the wolf in the fields, The wolf asked him about the younger goat as if he knew nothing.The elder goat told the wolf that it seems his brother has gone to the jungle with the herd of goats, tomorrow he will go to the jungle on the black hill and meet the herd and will definitely find out him. The wolf thought that he would go with the goat before killing him and identify the herd’s location so that his food arrangements continue even after him. The wolf proposed to take him along with him. The elder goat said “Two are better than one” our work will be done quickly.

The next day early in the morning, the wolf reached the elder goat in excitement to find the herd of goats in the forest. Both of them started their journey to the forest across the hill. After climbing very high for a long time, when it was afternoon and the sun started shining, the wolf’s condition started deteriorating. He asked the goat how far is the herd? The goat said, “I am seeing them in the forest far from the mountain. We will reach them soon.”

Full of greed, the wolf asked the goat, “Where are they ?” The elder goat said, “They will not be visible from here, come, you will see them below on the edge of the hill.” Full of excitement, the wolf ran towards the edge of the hill. The goat also ran after him and as soon as they reached the edge of the hill, the Goat attacked the wolf’s back with its horns and threw him down the hill.The wolf fell down and died. While returning to his home, the elder goat was happy that he had killed the killer of his best buddy but was also sad that he had believed the wolf’s words. All the way he kept repeating “Trust brothers not others”