Sacrifice of Victor

In those days, a terrible drought struck the village of Meadowbrook. People were desperate for food and water. When they learnt that in the nearby village of Jasper, there was a white elephant whose presence could bring rain as desired, eight residents from Meadowbrook went to Jasper. Having reached there when they knew about the valor and generosity of Victor, the master of the elephant as well as the son of the headman of jasper, they approached him and requested to bestow the elephant for Meadowbrook for the sake of the betterment of drought suffered people. The generous Victor willingly agreed to their request and handed over the elephant to the residents of Meadowbrook for no other reason in the world but just to serve humanity.

The news of this surprising act of charity soon got spread and reached the common men of jasper and this immediately saddened and enraged them. In no time, they rushed to Sebastian, the head man and reported the whole matter to him who in sequel, sentenced Victor a rigorous exile.

Despite Victor’s countless pleas, Sebastian didn’t relent in the least. consequently, Victor set out on a chariot drawn by four horses along with his children and wife Emily who to stand by her husband willingly accepted the forest exile .

On the way, Victor encountered four greedy villagers who begged for his four horses. In spite of Emily’s refusal, he generously gave away his horses. Afterwards , by the Grace of God when he began pulling the chariot himself, four angels appeared as red deer and helped him by pulling the chariot towards the jungle.

Suddenly, a monk appeared on the path and he yearned for Victor’s chariot. In the spirit of charity, Victor gave away his chariot. The family continued their journey on foot facing the scorching sun. Again by the Grace of God to protect them from the heat, clouds formed a canopy overhead. When they felt hungry, fruit-laden trees bowed down to offer them sustenance. Thirsty, they found lotus ponds spontaneously appearing to quench their thirst. Eventually, their journey led them to the Greenwood forest, where the divine architect Samuel had constructed a cottage for them.

Victor’s presence in the forest was so great that no wild animals or violent creatures ventured near their cottage. Thus, they spent four months in happiness in the forest. One day, while Emily went deeper into the forest to gather food, leaving the children playing outside the cottage. Presently an old man named Jonathan approached Victor’s cottage. He had been sent by a rich man to find a servant for household chores. He begged for Victor’s children to serve this purpose. Victor immediately agreed to it and gave away his children.

When Emily returned and didn’t find the children in the cottage, she questioned Victor about their whereabouts. In silence, Victor gestured towards the forest. Heartbroken, Emily, with tears in her eyes, went in search of the children. Later, Victor revealed to Emily that he had given away their children in charity. Despite her pain, Emily remained silent.

The news of Victor’s sacrifice spread everywhere. Owing to this austerity, the earth shook and the mountain summits trembled astonishing even the deity Samuel. Victor’s sacrifice was revered even by Samuel. He appeared before this noble family in his true form and granted them everlasting happiness and prosperity.

Meanwhile, Jonathan, carrying the children, lost his way and accidentally reached Jasper. The soldiers, suspicious of him as he did not seem like the father of the children, captured him and brought him before Sebastian who Recognizing the blood connection accepted his grandchildren and paid handsomely to Jonathan.

On that very day, the white elephant returned from Meadowbrook. Headman Sebastian, now aware of the entire situation, sent his soldiers to bring back his son Victor and Emily to their village. Victor and Emily, having completed their journey of sacrifice and selflessness, returned to their village. Sebastian, recognizing the greatness of their sacrifice, apologized to Victor for his earlier judgment and crowned him as the rightful heir to the throne.

By and large, Victor’s story became a legend of unparalleled sacrifice and charity, inspiring generations to come. The village of Jasper flourished under Victor’s rule, and the tale of his selfless deeds echoed through time as a testament to the power of compassion and generosity.