The story “God’s act is always for right” is a very instructive story in Akbar Birbal series. Birbal was an honest and religious person. He worship God daily. Worship gave him moral and mental strength. That day, a finger of a courtier was accidentally cut off and it became a topic of discussion in the king’s court.Everyone expressed concern and sorrow for this and everyone was consoling the courtier.

When birbal came to court and knew about this incidents he said “sometimes we feel that God does not look kindly on us, but it is not so. Sometimes The God gives us a little pain so that we can avoid bigger pain.”Many courtier were jealous of Birbal because he was favourite of his king because for his intelligence.The courtier addressed Birbal in the court and said, “Look, what God has done to me.” Yesterday evening, when I was cutting fodder for the animals, suddenly my little finger got cut. “Will you still say that God has done this good for me?” After remaining silent for some time, Birbal said, “I still have the same belief that God’s Act is always for right. whatever God does, he does it only for the good of man.”

The courtier became angry after hearing that and said “My finger was cut and Birbal felt the good in it too. My pain is like nothing.” Some other courtiers also joined his voice. Then King Akbar intervened and said, “Birbal, we also believe in Allah, but do not agree with you here. There seems to be nothing in this courtier’s case for which god should be praised.” Birbal said smilingly, “Okay Jhapanah (king), only time will tell now.”

Three months had passed. The courtier, whose finger was cut off, was out hunting in the dense forest. Then the tribals attacked him there, his soldiers fought them but tribals were more in number .The soldiers could not last long and ran. In the panic everyone got lost in the forest and the courtier was caught by the tribals.. Those tribals believed in human sacrifice to please their gods. They caught that courtier and took him to the temple to offer sacrifice.

When the priest inspected his body, he found one finger missing.“No, this man cannot be sacrificed.” The priest of the temple said, “If this man with nine fingers is sacrificed, our gods will get angry instead of being happy, they do not like incomplete sacrifices. We may have to face epidemics, floods or droughts. So it would be better to leave it.”And that courtier was freed.

The king’s soldiers with greater numbers and advanced weapons came back to the forest to find their companion but they saw the courtier coming out of the forest alone. Everyone was happy to see him alive and returned to the kingdom.

The next day courtier came to Birbal in the court and started crying. The king also arrived in the court and was surprised to see the courtier crying in front of Birbal. “What happened to you, why are you crying?” Akbar asked.In response, the courtier narrated his ordeal in detail. He said, “Now I believe that whatever God does, he does it only for the good of man. If my finger had not been cut, the tribals would definitely have sacrificed me. That is why I am crying, but these tears are of happiness. I am happy because I am alive.

It was my mistake to view Birbal’s faith in God with suspicion.” Akbar smiled softly and looked at the courtiers, who were standing silently with their heads bowed. Akbar was feeling proud that someone as intelligent as Birbal was one of his courtiers. Write each sentence again with some change