Once upon a time in a distant past, a very poor woman gave birth to a beautiful blue eyed boy. The Priest of the village predicted that when he turned eighteen, he would marry a princess and become a king of this kingdom. One day the king, lost in the excitement of a hunting expedition, happened to enter the very village where the boy was born. Since the villagers had never seen him before, an elderly man told him about way to palace. While conversation the old man told the king that a few days ago, a blue eyed boy was born in their village, destined to marry the princess of the kingdom at the age of eighteen and eventually become a king.

The king, already angered because he had recently had a daughter, was furious upon hearing this prophecy. Being an arrogant and stern ruler, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He told the old man, “We should give some wealth to that poor woman so that she can raise the child properly,Bring me to that woman’s house.I want to see blue eyed boy his mother.”

The old man took the king to the poor woman’s house and interduce him as a Rich man from city. The wicked king told poor lady and his husband that”You are very poor. How will you raise this child? Give him to me, and I will take care of him,With my wealth. I can provide him with a better life.” The poor mother resisted at first, but the king offered her a substantial amount of money. He said, “With this money, you can feed yourself, and when this supposedly fortunate son of yours grows up, he will come to you on his own.”

The poor parents, thinking that the wealthy man had come to take their child for his better upbringing, reluctantly agreed. They handed their precious son over to the king.

The king bought a wooden box, placed the child inside, sealed it, and threw it into the river, thinking that the child would surely drown. He was pleased with his plan, confident that he had saved his princess from an unwanted marriage . However, fate had other plans. The box floated down the river and got stuck in a farm. The farm worker, upon discovering the box, opened it and found a baby boy inside, wrapped in dirty clothes. The worker, assuming the child was abandoned, decided to take him to his landlord, the owner of the farm.

The landlord and his wife were childless, and upon seeing the baby’s innocent face, they decided to adopt him and gave him name, Alexander. As Blue eyed Boy Alexander grew, he became exceptionally handsome, capturing the attention of everyone who saw him.

One day, the king Edward traveling through the farms of landlord Seeing the young man working there, the king asked the landlord, “Is this your son? He is truly handsome.” The landlord replied, “Yes,Now he is my son. We found him in a wooden box a little over fourteen years ago.” The king, shocked by the revelation, quickly devised a plan. He approached the landlord and said, “Can I take this boy for a task? I need him to deliver a letter to the queen. It is of utmost importance. The Alexander also agreed, and the land lord was willing to send him on the mission for his king.

The king swiftly wrote a letter to the queen, instructing her to kill the young man before his return. The letter also emphasized that this must happen before the king’s own return. T जीhe king sealed the letter with his royal seal and handed it to the young man.

Carrying the sealed letter, the Alexander set out towards the palace but lost his way in the jungle. As night fell, he stumbled upon a small house. There, he found an old couple, tending to a small fire. The old woman, startled by the arrival of the young man, inquired, “Son, where are you coming from, and where do you need to go?” The young man explained, “I come from the farm in the nearby village, and I am on my way to deliver this letter to the queen. But I have lost my way in the jungle, and this house was the only place I could find. Can I spend the night here?”

Feeling pity for the young man, the old couple offered him some food and shelter. The house was of kings elder brother. The king’s elder brother had chosen to lead a simple life away from the kingdom due to the king’s unfavorable behavior.

As the boy peacefully slept, the elder brother of king happened upon the letter and realized the treachery planned by the king. Acting quickly, he altered the message, instructing the queen to marry the boy to the princess before the king’s return and sealed letter again.

Following the letter’s words, the queen arranged the marriage between the Alexander the princess Isabella. The Blue eyed Boy Alexander, with his good looks and strength, happily entered into this new chapter of his life. Days passed, and King’s elder brother send a informer with news that enemies were planning an attack.

The king’s own minister, who had double-crossed him, played a part in this sinister plan. However, the enemies couldn’t succeed, thanks to the clever and resourceful Alexander. With a strategic mind, he foiled the enemy’s attempts, forcing them to retreat in defeat.

As the news of the attack reached the king on his way back, he felt a mix of sadness and worry. However, his emotions took a turn for the better when he knew that his kingdom had emerged victorious, all thanks to the unknown Blue eyed boy.

Hurrying to his state, the king discovered that the very Blue eyed Boy Alexander he had wanted to eliminate, is now the husband of his daughter and the savior of his kingdom. Filled with remorse, the king apologized to the god and welcomed him as his son-in-law and the rightful heir to the throne. The boy, who had faced adversity with courage and intelligence, became the next king, ensuring a bright and prosperous future for the kingdom.The king now accepted God’s will and gave up all evil. Alexander called his parents and the king’s elder brother with family to the palace and everyone started living happily.