Good Friday

Good Friday

Good Friday year 24 will be celebrated on 29 March. This is a special festival of the people of Christianity. Lord Jesus was crucified on this day. Therefore it is celebrated as the day of sacrifice of Jesus.’Good Friday’ is celebrated as the day of sacrifice of Jesus.

Lord Jesus was crucified on Good Friday. That is why people also celebrate this day as a day of mourning. This is the reason why instead of ringing the bells in the church on Good Friday like on normal days, wooden rattles are played and Lord Jesus is remembered by picking up the cross.

Good Friday Year 24, Date and Importance:

Good Friday will be celebrated on Friday 29 March 2024. Usually all festivals are celebrated with great pomp and happiness but Good Friday is such a festival, which is celebrated as the day of sacrifice of Lord Jesus. Therefore it is also called Black Friday and on this day people remember the sacrifice of Lord Jesus and mourn.Lord Jesus was crucified on the day of Good Friday. Therefore people also celebrate this day as mourning. This is the reason why on Good Friday, Instead of ringing bells, some churches may hold special services, processions, or prayer vigils. Many Christians also fast or abstain from certain activities as a sign of penance and reverence for the significance of the day.

What is Good Friday

Good Friday is also known by names like Black Friday, Great Friday and Holy Friday. The Jewish rulers gave many physical and mental tortures to Jesus. It is believed that the day Lord Jesus was hanged on a wooden cross was Friday. Despite being hanged on the cross and tortured, Jesus said in his last words, ‘O God, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing’. O Father! I surrender my soul into your hands.’ Even before death, the last messages that came out of Jesus’s side were of forgiveness and welfare.

Why was Jesus crucified?

According to the Bible, the holy book of Christianity, Lord Jesus gave the message of love, knowledge and non-violence for the welfare of mankind. In such a situation, people’s attachment towards Jesus Christ was increasing. The Jews started getting troubled by the increasing popularity of Jesus and they felt that their power might be snatched away from them due to Jesus’ popularity. Therefore, the Jews tortured Jesus physically and mentally and after this he was crucified. Jesus sacrificed his life for the welfare of mankind.

Importance of Good Friday

Before Good Friday, people of Christianity fast for the entire 40 days. At the same time, some people also fast only on Good Friday. This is called Lent. On Good Friday, the church is decorated and special prayers are offered. On this day, people go to church wearing black clothes, express grief and pray to Jesus for forgiveness for their sins. Easter is celebrated on the Sunday after Good Friday.

In conclusion, Good Friday stands as a sacred day of remembrance and reflection for Christians worldwide. It commemorates the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, who willingly endured the cross for the redemption of humanity. Through solemn rituals and prayers, believers honor Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and seek forgiveness for their sins. As Good Friday gives way to Easter, it heralds the promise of salvation and the hope of eternal life, reaffirming the central tenets of the Christian faith.

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