faith in God

This story is about “Faith in God”. Amanda was a woman with wicked thoughts who desired immense happiness in her life. She resorted to worshiping a demon and adopted unethical means to simplify her life. She performed the demon’s rituals, and the demon appeared before her.

The demon asked her what she desired, she replied, “I am Amanda, and I want to live an easy life but no one wants to keep me. Everyone hates me. I want to live peacefully without work. The demon granted her two boons—one, the ability to transform any person into her desired animal, and second, the power to keep one person enchanted.

The condition was that two family members should be willing, either willingly or through fear and intimidation. After surveying all the houses in her village, Amanda chose the home of a teenage boy named Peter. One evening, when Peter’s father was away, she entered their home, turned Peter’s mother into a goat, and threatened Peter and his sister Amayra that unless they allowed her to stay, she would harm their mother. Frightened, the siblings agreed. Amanda, with her enchanting powers, made Peter’s father believe that she was Peter’s mother. Amanda, now in control of the household, made Peter and his sister do all the work and deprived them of food. Gradually, the exhausted children started to show signs of weariness. Although they had grown into young adults, Amanda’s fear kept them subdued. The once-thriving family now lived in constant fear.

It had been 4 years since Amanda took possession of the house and the children were now grown up. Peter and his sister became very upset and could not think of any way to get rid of their endless troubles. Both of them were disappointed but Peter’s mother always had faith in God. She believed that her days would change. Those who remain grateful to God even in difficulties, God bless them.

Miraculously, Peter’s mother was blessed by God and received holy powers. With her divine power, she was able to give the children the food they wanted. The family’s health improved with the divine food. Amanda was astonished to see the transformation. Peter and Amayra started looking healthy and attractive.

Driven by curiosity, Amanda decided to investigate this phenomenon. One night, she witnessed the goat magically providing Peter and Amayra with delicious food. She plans to destroy the family’s happiness again. The next day She pretended to fall ill, and when Peter’s father brought a doctor, she bribed the doctor to suggest that she be given a soup made from the goat. The doctor, under Amanda’s influence, recommended the goat soup. When the soup was suggested, Peter and his sister realized Amanda’s malicious intent.

That night, they fled with their mother to the jungle. Peter’s mother was receiving God’s blessings. The brothers and sisters built a small hut in the forest and started living there with their mother. One evening they found a wounded young soldier riding on a horse outside the hut. The siblings took him to Hut and nursed him back to health. He expressed gratitude for saving his life. He revealed that he was the prince of a neighboring kingdom. Meanwhile, back in the village, Peter’s father inquired about his children, and Amanda realized that her enchantment was fading.

She sought the demon’s guidance, who revealed that her power would be restored only if two willing individuals in the family were present. Amanda goes crazy with her dreams shattered and plans to bring Peter and his sister back home and kill the goat.

That very night she set out towards the forest to complete her work. By the grace of God, Peter’s mother came to know about this and warned Peter about this. This time, along with Peter and Amayra, another person was also waiting for Amanda. The injured prince had now recovered. He did not think that the time to repay the favor to Peter and his family would come so soon. Amanda had soon reached outside the hut. She saw the goat sitting in the hut through the small door of the hut.

She rushed towards the door to kill the goat. As soon as she tried to bend down and enter the door, the prince severed her neck with a sword. As soon as Amanda dies, her magic wears off and Peter’s mother returns to her original form. The whole family returned with the prince to their home in the village, where Peter’s father was waiting for them. He did not know anything because he was bound by the power of hypnosis.

However, after Amanda’s death, the effect of hypnosis was removed from him, and he was feeling better. Peter informed him about all the incidents that happened in the house. Peter’s mother introduced him to the Prince who freed them all by eliminating Amanda. Meanwhile, the king’s soldiers arrived searching for the prince. The Prince thanks the family for saving his life and bids farewell. The following day, a letter arrived from the king, expressing gratitude for saving the prince’s life and proposing a marriage alliance with Peter’s sister, Amayra. Overwhelmed by the divine blessings and the turn of events, the family expressed their gratitude