अकबर और बीरबलअकबर और बीरबल

Akbar and Birbal and the Green Horse is a mind tickling story. One evening, Emperor Akbar and birbal went out for a walk in the garden . That garden was magnificent. There was greenery all around and the fragrance of flowers was pleasing and the weather was also very nice. Many types of birds were flying in the garden, especially the colorful birds were attracting their attention with their voices.

The king always kept testing Birbal and Birbal always passed the test. While walking, he said to Birbal, “Birbal! We wish to roam around in this lush green garden sitting on a green horse, so I want you to arrange a green horse for me within seven days and if you fail to fulfill this order, then do not come back to the palace till that time. The king knew that till date there has not been a green horse in the world yet he wanted Birbal to admit defeat. That’s why he put this condition before Birbal but Birbal was also very clever. He knew very well what the king wanted from him so he also kept wandering here and there for seven days, pretending to find a horse.

On the eighth day, Birbal came before the king in the court and said, “Jahanpanah! As per your request, I have arranged for a green horse for you but two conditions of its owner have to be fulfilled.” The king curiously asked about both the conditions. Birbal replied, “One condition is that you have to go yourself to bring the green horse.” The king agreed to this condition.

For the second condition, Birbal said, “The second condition of the owner of the horse is that you will have to choose a day other than the seven days of the week to go to get the horse.” Hearing this, the king was very surprised and Birbal replied very cleverly, “Jahanpanah! The owner of the green horse believes that in order to get a special kind of horse, he has to accept these special conditions.” King Akbar was happy to hear this clever thing from Birbal and agreed that it would be very difficult to make defeat Birbal .

Remark – There are many stories associated with the name of Akbar Birbal. No one can tell how many of these are true and how many are fabricated, but one thing is true that no one can deny the inspiration and education they provide. From these we come to know about Birbal’s presence of mind and intelligence. Their relevance will always remain.